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I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer and I've been doing this since since 1977, just before I graduated from College. I've worked at many companies over the years helping to develop new products including computer printers, medical devices, treadmills, ultrasound imaging machines, computer peripherals and bar code readers and printers. If you are interested, you can see my resume or look at a portfolio of some of the products I've worked on.

Currently I work at SelfCHARGE Inc. in Redmond Washington. We design and manufacture OEM rechargeable battery packs with integrated chargers. Our current products include a rechargeable battery pack for Motorola flip phones with the charger built in (it plugs directly into the wall). We also designed and manufacture the Zip Unleashed! and Jaz Unleashed! battery packs for the Iomega Zip and Jaz drives - these allow you to run your Zip or Jaz drive with your laptop with requiring an AC outlet nearby. Besides our manufacturing facilities in Redmond, we have manufacturing partners in Mexico and mainland China for our higher volume products. You can visit our web page and find out more about us.

For our mechanical engineering, we use a product called Pro/Engineer from Parametric Technology  I have some screen snapshots of products I've designed on Pro/Engineer to show what it can do.

Last updated: April 11, 1998