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Over the years at the companies I've worked at, I've had the opportunity to work on a fair number of products. Assembled below are some selected ones I've put here as a sample of the kind of work I've done as a mechanical design engineer. Most of the products have a short description and some additional images associated with it.

Click on the links under the products for info the project.

"Game Buddy" 
battery pack

Abbott Medical
"Gemstar" battery pack

Sonosite Dual Bay
Battery Charger

EMP "Meg" Battery Pack

EMP "Meg" 
12 Bay Charger

Intermec "Sabre" 
Integrated Battery Pack

Intermec "Slingshot" Charger

Intermec "RP" Charger

Intermec "Slingshot" 
Alkaline Battery Pack

Bar Code Scanner

Label Printer

Label Printer

Professional Photo Printer

"Coinstar" kiosk

Machine Tool Readout

Self-charging D-Cell

Cell Phone Battery

Wheelchair Lift

Computer Line Printer

ECG Chart Recorder

Exercise Doppler Tester

Video Game Battery Pack

Wrist Rest with Trackball

Hyperthermia System

Articulation Mechanism

Last upated: September 2, 2001