Self Charging Cellular Phone Battery Pack 

This was another project we did at Teague for Power Battery. We took the basic idea of the "Flip Top" D cell self charging battery and incorporated it into a battery pack for a popular cellular phone.

The image at the left is a screen snapshot from Pro/Engineer of a conceptual model. We had a non-working model of the pack for the customer to review along with this conceptual CAD model. It was developed to sell Power Battery's client on the concept and get funding and approval to further develop it.

We did a number of conceptual models for Power Battery similar to this for other phones and other battery operated products like camcorders, hand held video games, etc.. We could develop these in about 20 to 40 hours of engineering design time. We could then have some "proof of concept" CAD models to show the customer that the parts do fit and we could complete the product. It also showed them the exact size and shape the product would have.

I did all the mechanical engineering and CAD modeling on this project and the proto lab at Teague built a non-working prototype of this battery pack complete with flip-out blades (cannibalized from another product <g>), labeling and properly weighted. It was built upon parts taken out of a standard battery pack for the particular phone, so although it would not take a charge, it would snap onto the phone for demo purposes. This was important as the original battery pack was very thin and this design would have been somewhat thicker.

Last updated: November 09, 1996