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Some links you may find of interest...

Now what personal web page would be complete without a page of links <g>?? I've kept these mostly to this page so that the rest of my web page has a bit more content than just page after page of links.

But in the great tradition of personal web pages, here are my links.....


If this isn't for real, it's leg pulling at its best...
Jim Marshall is THE rock and roll photographer


The official Hawaii State visitor's guide. Tons of info!
An amazing trip around the islands - a MUST see
Another great source of info on Hawaii


Ed is an amazing underwater photographer based in Maui. If you dive in Maui, be sure to go with Ed at least once. He operates out of the Kihei area.
Erik Stein is the proprietor, a super guy and great dive master. He operates out of the Lahaina area.
The Seattle area shop where I got certified
If you dive, join D.A.N. for the medical insurance. Do it!
A good place to rent or buy gear on Maui. Lots of on-line scuba and snorkel maps too.

Autos and Auto Racing... 

The official Ferrari home page. Belissima!
One of the best Formula 1 websites that I have found
"Gentlemen, start your engines...."
One of the top Indycar teams
The best archive I've found for racing info


Where I work.
Pro/Engineer CAD software
"The Bible" for finding products and services

Seattle Stuff... 

Seattle has some of the best microbrews around. Red Hook is my personal favorite of all of them. They have a great new pub.
An easy way to see Seattle. Complete with great pictures and sounds!
If you live in Seattle, you might want to join and shop here
IMHO, one of the best zoos in the US
Home of the Huskies
One of the two daily papers in Seattle. Their entire classified ad section is now online.

Movies and Music... 

Good source of current movie reviews
Buying CD's off the net....
If you've never seen Spinal Tap, rent it now!


Send someone an electronic postcard for free
Things everyone should know about birth control
Information everyone needs about safer sex.
Stop and visit Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers
Last updated: March 14, 1999