Video Game Battery Pack 

This was another project we did at Teague for Power Battery. They were trying to sell a video game manufacturer on the idea of a rechargeable battery pack for their portable video game. The company already had an external, belt clip battery pack that was rechargeable, but it had to plug into a separate "lump" charger. Power Battery proposed integrating the charger into the pack like their Flip Top D cell battery. This pack would have flip out blades so it would plug right into the wall and not require a separate "lump" power supply.

This was the first of several concepts we did for Power Battery. These pictures are all screen snapshots of Pro/Engineer CAD screens of the conceptual designs. These designs had many common parts and differed only in the size of the internal battery cells. This first one used full C-size cells.

The second concept model used "sub-C" cells which are smaller and cheaper.

The final one used "fat A" cells to show how much smaller the unit could be made with that cell form factor.

All of these are just concept models. The mechanical design I did on them took it far enough to verify it could be done and how we'd package the components. The first of these designs on Pro/Engineer took me about 10 hours. Each of the subsequent ones took only about 3 or 4 hours to put in a different sized cell and shuffle some of the parts around.

Last updated: November 09, 1996