Some time ago on an episode of The John Laroqette Show on TV, John was talking with a friend about music. He asked his friend if she were going to be stuck on an island for the rest of her life and could only take three albums, what would they be. I don't remember what his friend said, but one of the three John would have taken would be Miles Davis Sketches Of Spain.

Although that particular one of Miles is definitely in my Top 10, the three I'd take would be Miles Davis Kind Of Blue, Pearl Jam's Ten and k.d. lang's ingenue. That last one is a close call with either Melissa Etheridge's Yes I am or Donald Fagan's The Nightfly.

So what three would you take with you? It's an interesting question to ponder. All I can say is I'm glad CD's don't wear out like vinyl LPs or I'd be on my third of fourth copy of many of mine.

Here's a current list of my CD library that was last updated September 2, 1996:

(* indicates some of my favorites)

Artist                Title
10,000 Maniacs                  mtv unplugged
The Animals                     The Best Of The Animals
Basia                           London, Warsaw, New York
The Beatles                     A Hard Day's Night
*The Beatles                     Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
The Beatles                     White Album - Disc 1
The Beatles                     White Album - Disc 2
Beethoven                       Symphony No. 5 - Ozawa/Boston Symphony
Boston                          Third Stage
Boston                          Boston walks on
David Bowie                     Let's Dance
*Jackson Browne                  Lives In The Balance
The Dave Brubeck Quartet        Time Out
Jimmy Buffet                    Fruit Cakes
Eric Burdon and The Animal      The Best of... 1966-1968
The Byrds                       10 Essential Tracks
Wendy Carlos                    Switched On Bach
Cincinatti Pops                 Star Tracks
Eric Clapton                    Unplugged
Eric Clapton                    August
*Eric Clapton                    Journeyman
Eric Clapton                    Slowhand
Eric Clapton                    The Cream Of Clapton
Joe Cocker                      Unchain My Heart
Phil Collins                    But Seriously
Phil Collins                    Both Sides
Phil Collins                    No Jacket Required
Crash Test Dummies              God Shuffled His Feet
Robert Cray                     Strong Persuader
Cream                           Goodbye
Creedence Clearwater Revival    Chronicle
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young    So Far
Byron Olsen                     Sketches of Miles
Miles Davis                     The Best of... Capitol/Blue Note Years
*Miles Davis                     Sketches of Spain
*Miles Davis                     Kind Of Blue
Miles Davis                     'Round About Midnight
Miles Davis                     Workin' With The Miles Davis Quintet
Miles Davis                     The Columbia Years 1955-1985: Originals / Moods (Disc 3)
Miles Davis                     The Columbia Years 1955-1985: Standards / Originals (Disc 2)
Miles Davis                     The Columbia Years 1955-1985: Electric (Disc 4)
Miles Davis                     The Columbia Years 1955-1985: Blues / Standards (Disc 1)
*Dire Straits                    Dire Straits
Dire Straits                    On Every Street
Dire Straits                    Brothers In Arms
*The Doors                       Best Of The Doors - Disc 1
*The Doors                       Best Of The Doors - Disc 2
Don Dorsey                      Bachbusters
Bob Dylan                       Biograph - 1
Bob Dylan                       Biograph - 2
Bob Dylan                       Biograph - 3
The Eagles                      Their Greatest Hits
Eagles                          Hotel California
Eagles                          Hell Freezes Over
Electric Light Orchestra        ELO's Greatest Hits
Emerson Lake and Palmer         The Best of ELP
*Melissa Etheridge               Yes I Am
*Melissa Etheridge               Never Enough
*Melissa Etheridge               Brave and Crazy
Eurythmics                      Greatest Hits
Eurythmics                      Be Yourself Tonight
The Fabulous Thunderbirds       Roll of the dice
Donald Fagan                    New Frontier (CD Video)
Donald Fagan                    Kamakiriad
*Donald Fagen                    The Nightfly
Fine Young Cannibals            The Raw & The Cooked
Fleetwood Mac                   Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac                   Tango In The Night
Flim & The BB's                 Tricycle
Kenny G                         silhouette
Genesis                         Invisible Touch
Genesis                         We Can't Dance
Genesis                         Abacab
MC Hammer                       Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em
Herbie Hancock                  Future Shock
George Harrison                 Cloud Nine
Heart                           Bad Animals
Jimi Hendrix                    The Ultimate Experience
Jimi Hendrix                    Woodstock
Don Henley                      The End Of Innocence
Hootie & the Blowfish           Cracked Rear View
Indigo Girls                    Swamp Ophelia
Indigo Girls                    Strange Fire
Indigo Girls                    Nomads - Indians - Saints
*Indigo Girls                    Indigo Girls
Chris Isaak                     Forever Blue
Jean-Michael Jarre              Rendez-vous
Billy Joel                      Greatest Hits - Volume II
Billy Joel                      The Bridge
Billy Joel                      River Of Dreams
Billy Joel                      Greatest Hits - Volume I
Elton John                      Live in Austrailia
Elton John                      Greatest hits 1976 - 1986
Elton John                      Greatest Hits
Elton John                      Made in England
The Kinks                       Greatest Hits
Earl Klugh/George Benson        Collaboration
Earl Klugh                      Whispers and Promises
Lenny Kravitz                   Are You Gonna Go My Way
*k.d. lang                       ingenue
k.d. lang                       Shadowland
k.d. lang                       Absolute Torch and Twang
Led Zeppelin                    Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin                    Led Zeppelin I
Led Zeppelin                    Led Zeppelin III
*Annie Lennox                    Medusa
Brent Lewis                     The Primitive Truth
Huey Lewis and The News         Fore!
Huey Lewis And The News         Sports
Madonna                         True Blue
The Mamas & The Papas           16 Of Their Greatest Hits
Mannheim Steamroller            Fresh Aire V
Mannheim Steamroller            Fresh Aire VI
*Dave Matthews Band              Under The Table and Dreaming
Dave Matthews Band              Remember Two Things
Sarah McLachlan                 Fumbling towards ecstacy
James McMurtry                  Where'd you hide the body
*James McMurtry                  Too Long in the Wasteland
James McMurtry                  Candyland
John Mellencamp                 Dance Naked
John Mellencamp                 Big Daddy
John Mellencamp                 Scarecrow
John Mellencamp                 Whenever We Wanted
John Mellencamp                 Human Wheels
Pat Metheny Group               Works II
*Pat Metheny Group               Letter From Home
George Michael                  Faith
Joni Mitchell                   Turbulent Indigo
*Joni Mitchell                   Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm
The Moody Blues                 The Other Side of Life
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart         The Glory Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
*Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart         Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Nature Recordings               Volume III: Thunderstorms
Nature Recordings               Volume V: Jungle
Nature Recordings               Volume I: The Sea
The New American Orchestra      Music From "Blade Runner"
The New York Rock & Soul Revue  Live at the Beacon
Nirvana                         In Utero
*Nirvana                         Never Mind
Nirvana                         Bleach
*Nirvana                         Unplugged in New York
Billy Ocean                     Suddenly
Roy Orbison                     Mystery Girl
Roy Orbison                     For The Lonely - 18 Greatest Hits
Joan Osborne                    Relish
K.T. Oslin                      Love In A Small Town
Papa Doo Run Run                California Project
Pearl Jam                       Ten
Pearl Jam                       vs.
Pearl Jam                       Vitalogy
Michael Penn                    March
Tom Petty                       Full Moon Fever
Pink Floyd                      The Wall - Disc 1
Pink Floyd                      The Wall - Disc 2
Pink Floyd                      The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Police                      Every Breath You Take
Jean-Luc Ponty                  Storytelling
Jean-Luc Ponty                  The Gift Of Time
The Pretenders                  The Isle Of View
Red Hot Chili Peppers           Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Lou Reed                        New York
R.E.M.                          Automatic For The People
Lionel Richie                   Dancing On The Ceiling
Lee Ritenour                    First Course
The Rolling Stones              Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (Disc 1)
The Rolling Stones              Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (Disc 2)
The Rolling Stones              Dirty Work
The Rolling Stones              Steel Wheels
Sade                            Promise
*Sade                            Stronger Than Pride
*Sade                            Diamond Life
Sade                            Love Deluxe
David Sanborn                   A Change Of Heart
Santana                         Greatest Hits
Santana                         Viva Santana! - Disc 1
Santana                         Viva Santana! - Disc 2
Paul Simon                      The Rhythm of the Saints
Paul Simon                      Graceland
Brian Slawson                   Bach On Wood
Soul Asylum                     Grave Dancers Union
Soundgarden                     Superunknown
Spencer Davis Group             Best of Spencer Davis Group
Spin Doctors                    Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
Bruce Springsteen               Born In The U.S.A.
Bruce Springsteen               Tunnel of Love
Spyro Gyra                      Morning Dance
Spyro Gyra                      Breakout
*Steely Dan                      Steely Dan Gold
Stone Temple Pilots             Core
Barbara Streisand               The Broadway Album
Swing Out Sister                Kaleidoscope World
Tchaikowsky                     Tchaikowsky's Greates Hits, Vol I
Toto                            Toto IV
Pete Townsend                   White City
Pete Townsend                   Psycho Derelict
Traffic                         Traffic
Travelling Willburys            Volume 3
Tina Tuner                      Break Every Rule
U2                              The Joshua Tree
U2                              Zooropa
Us3                             Hand on the Torch
Van Halen                       Diver Down
Vangelis                        Themes
Vangelis                        Opera Sauvage
Various                         Encomium - A tribute to Led Zepplin
Various                         Classic Rock 1969: The Beat Goes On
Various                         Classic Rock 1965: Shakin' All Over
Various                         Steal This Disc
Various                         Teldec Classics New Releases Fall 1991
Various                         Classic Rock 1967: Shakin' All Over
Various                         Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance II
Various                         Classic Rock 1967
Various                         Classic Rock 1965: The Beat Goes On
Various                         Classic Rock 1966
Various                         Classic Rock 1968: Shakin' All Over
Various                         Classic Rock 1969
Various                         Classic Rock 1965
Various                         Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance IV
Various                         Classic Rock 1964
Various                         Classic Rock 1968
Various                         The Very Best Of British Rock - Disk 1
Various                         The Very Best Of British Rock - Disk 2
Various                         Miami Vice - Music from the TV series
Various                         Soundtrack from "Beverly Hills Cop"
Various                         Arista's Perfect 10 Rides Again
Various                         Secret Agent File
Various                         Superstars In Digital
Various                         Soundtrack of "La Bamba"
Various                         KZOK Rock & Roll Classics - Vol. I
Various                         Soundtrack of "Ruthless People"
Various                         Classic Rock 1967: The Beat Goes On
Various                         Classic Rock 1966: The Beat Goes On
Various                         Classic Rock 1968: The Beat Goes On
Various                         Classic Rock 1967: Blowin' Your Mind
Various                         Classic Rock: On The Soul Side
Various                         Classic Rock: Rock Renaissance III
Various                         Sampler Volume 3 - Classics
Various                         Soundtrack of "Moonlighting"
Various                         Soundtrack From "Top Gun"
Various                         Gold & Platinum - Vol. I
Various                         Gold & Platinum - Vol. II
Various                         Soundtrack of "Platoon"
various                         Forrest Gump - The Soundtrack (Disc 1 of 2)
various                         Forrest Gump - The Soundtrack (Disc 2 of 2)
Stevie Ray Vaughan              Greatest Hits
Stevie Ray Vaughan              In Step
*Stevie Ray Vaughan              The Sky Is Crying
Andreas Vollenweider            White Wings
Andreas Vollenweider            Dancing With The Lion
Andreas Vollenweider            Down To The Moon
The Who                         Who's Better, Who's Best
The Who                         The Who's Greatest Hits
Wilson Phillips                 Wilson Phillips
George Winston                  December
Stevie Wonder                   In Square Circle
Stevie Wonder                   Original Musiquarium, Vol I
Stevie Wonder                   Original Musiquarium, Vol II
Neil Young                      Freedom
Neil Young                      Harvest
Neil Young                      Harvest Moon
*Neil Young                      Sleeps with angels
Neil Young                      Mirror Ball
ZZ Top                          Recycler
ZZ Top                          Eliminator