Intermec 3000 Bar Code Label Printer 

This was the first low cost label printer Intermec ever developed. Prior to this one, Intermec's printers sold for $4,000 and up list price. The 3000 was targeted to sell for $1495. It was both a direct thermal printer and a thermal transfer printer with an optional thermal transfer module. It also had an optional label stripper that enabled the printer to automatically peel the label being printed so you could grab it and apply it very easily.

I worked on this at Intermec in 1988 and 1989 while I was the manager of the Mechanical Engineering group in their printer division. I acted as the Project Manager/Engineer on this project. I also helped support the sales people by writing a demo program for a PC that would print a variety of sample labels with various bar codes and graphics.

It was a real breakthrough product for Intermec. It was very highly tooled with all the major parts either injection molded plastic or die cast aluminum. There were a total of seven screws in the entire printer - most other Intermec printers had about a hundred screws.

The 3000 was a very successful product for Intermec, selling over ten thousand printers in it's life.

The Intermec sales brochure for the product.


Last updated: November 09, 1996