Intermec 1565 Bar Code Scanner 

This was the first product I ever designed using Pro/Engineer CAD software. I did this in 1991 as a subcontractor to Technology Design, a consulting design firm.

The project was to take an existing bar code scanner, the Intermec 1545, and add a keypad and LCD display to it to add functionality. It was an interim product for Intermec as a new, fully integrated product was due in about a year.

I acted as the Project Manager and the sole mechanical design engineer. There also was an industrial designer, an electrical engineer and a software engineer on the project. It was a very intense, crash project. We completed the electrical and mechanical design in only 7 weeks and had working prototypes only 10 weeks after the project started. The software took much longer and ultimately held up production of the product for another six weeks or so. (The software on the new boards we designed had to interface with the existing software on the bar code reader which was poorly documented, hence the difficulties.)

Here are some more images of the product. Click on any of the images to see a bigger version:

The Intermec sales brochure for the product

A CAD image of the assembly taken as a screen snapshot from Pro/Engineer

This is the same CAD assembly, but here it is "exploded" to show all the parts. The existing 1545 bar code scanner comprises the white handle and the dark green top.

Last updated: November 09, 1996